Leader Post Foundation

The 2018 application form and information can be found at this link:  https://postmedialeaderpost2.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/2018-lp-foundation-application.pdf

CUPE 600-3

If you would like to be considered for the CUPE 600-3 (Valley View Centre – Union) scholarship please see Ms. Lapointe for an application form.



  • Grade 12 graduate in the current year
  • Shall not be a recipient of any other scholarship monies over $75
  • Be involved in student activities/student government, the community and/or volunteer organizations.
  • Shall be an acceptable academic standing
  • Good citizen, law abiding, and have a good school conduct record
  • Show an interest in continuing further education or trade

Agriculture Equipment Technician 20L and 30L

Sun West Agricultural Equipment Technician Information Package

If you’re interested, so are we.
Visit:  www.sunwestDLC.ca
Email:  agcoordinator@sunwestsd.ca
Phone:  306-252-1000


Royal Canadian Legion Branch #59 Moose Jaw

This year the Legion will award a number of Poppy scholarships, Nola Belisle Memorial Bursaries, H.J. Rivers Bursaries and an Edgar Dalgarno Memorial Bursary to deserving Moose Jaw graduates.

Some of the above scholarships require you to be a child or grandchild of a veteran, however, there is also one that does not require a direct tie to the Legion.

Please see your school counsellor today to pick up application forms!

Deadline:  May 31, 2018

Rotary Club of Moose Jaw Wakamow Scholarship

2017-2018 – Two scholarships worth $1000 each


  • Academic standing (top 10% of class)
  • Involvement
  • Leadership
  • Volunteer work in school and community
  • Work Experience


  • Application Form
  • 500 word essay
  • Two References
  • Transcript
  • Proof of acceptance to post-secondary

Deadline:  June 30 (note: scholarships may be deferred for a year if the student is a year long Rotary Exchange student or is deferring post-secondary attendance to work due to financial need.

See your school counsellor for an application form.

Monsanto Fund – Achieve Your Potential

A bright future full of possibilities. The Monsanto Fund is proud to support post-secondary education opportunities in agriculture and food.


  • Application form
  • Two References
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Working Copy of High School Transcript
  • 300-500 World Application Essay

Deadline: May 31, 2018

Information:  www.monsanto.ca/mansanto.fund.scholarship@monsanto.com

TransCanada Community Scholarships

Training for your future? Our TransCanada Community Scholarships offer financial assistance in four categories.

  1. TransCanada Indigenous Legacy Scholarships
    1. Canada: 25 Scholarships x C$5,000
      U.S.: 25 Scholarships x US$5,000
      Mexico: 10 Scholarships x Mex$40,000
      TransCanada supports learning opportunities for Indigenous people to provide a well-trained Indigenous workforce and to build capacity within their communities. Through the TransCanada Indigenous Legacy Scholarship, we hope to address the educational needs identified by Indigenous communities to fuel long-term, positive change and to leave a positive legacy within communities.
      The TransCanada Indigenous Legacy Scholarship is offered on an annual basis to up to 60 students from communities across our North American footprint. Scholarships are available to First Nations, Métis, Inuit, Non Status, Native American and Indigenous (Mexico) students pursuing any full-time, post-secondary program at a registered education institute.
  2. TransCanada Community Leaders Scholarship
    1. Canada: 50 Scholarships x C$1,000
      U.S.: 50 Scholarships x US$1,000
      Mexico: 10 
      Scholarships x Mex$40,000
      Giving back to communities has been part of TransCanada’s culture for more than 65 years. We have created the TransCanada Community Leaders Scholarship to recognize and support the students who display the same commitment to building the health and vitality of the communities where they live.
      The TransCanada Community Leaders Scholarship is offered on an annual basis to up to 110 students from communities across our North American footprint. Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate a strong commitment to their communities through volunteer work, community participation, leadership or other activities.
  3. TransCanada Trade Scholarships (Canada and U.S. only)
    1. Canada: 75 Scholarships x C$1,000
      U.S.: 75 Scholarships x US$1,000
      As a leading North American energy infrastructure company well positioned for continued growth, TransCanada wants to promote and encourage the development of a skilled energy workforce in the communities where we live and work. We have developed the TransCanada Trades Scholarship to support those students who are pursuing a career in trades relevant to the energy industry.
      The TransCanada Trades Scholarship is offered on an annual basis to up to 150 students from communities across TransCanada’s Canadian and American footprint. Scholarships are offered to students who are entering or enrolled in a qualifying trades program at a registered education institute.
  4. TransCanada Women’s Scholarship (Mexico only)

Deadline:  April 15, 2018 11:59:59 PM EST

Information:  https://www.transcanada.com/en/commitment/community/scholarships/

Saskatchewan School Boards Association

Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of demonstrated good character, community leadership, financial need, and a 500-word essay. The application deadline is Aug. 31 each year. To access the application form and view the rubric that is being used to score the scholarships, visit:


Scholarships:  2 x $2500 (degree program and technical/trade program)


Thursday, March 22 Grade 12 Scholarship Handout Meeting

List of scholarships introduced to students:

  • National Union of Public and General Employees (SGEU)
  • Conexus Credit Union
  • Co-op Caring for the Community
  • Co-op Employee
  • Uniroyal Junior Curling and Don Berglind Memorial Scholarship
  • CWL
  • Knights of Columbus (COOL)
  • Knights of Columbus (St. Joseph)
  • Ned Andreoni Memorial Scholarship
  • La Bourse Arthur Landry Bursary
  • HTTA Bursary Application
  • CUPE 5506
  • CUPE 5512
  • Cando Scholarship
  • Rotary Club of Moose Jaw Scholarship
  • Friendly City Optimist Club Friend of Youth Scholarship
  • Sacred Heart SCC Scholarship
  • St. Mary SCC Scholarship
  • St. Michael SCC Scholarship

Vanier General Scholarships

All Grade 12 students are required to complete the General Scholarship Application form to be considered for any and all school scholarships that are administered through Vanier (Vanier Collegiate Scholarships Committee).

2018 General Scholarship Application Form

They will be handed out on Monday, March 28 and all forms must be handed back to your CE teacher ASAP!