FIRST competition

April 5th until April 9th 2017, the Vanier and Phoenix robotics team is heading to Calgary! We are very very excited to participate in the competition again. We are even more excited to involve a brand new team! There is a livestream of the event that you can watch here.

Getting Started: FIRST Steamworks Competition

Hello everyone!

We have officially kicked off the FIRST “Steamworks” Robotics Competition 2017! This is our second year competing in FIRST Robotics, and we are looking to improve our focus, organization and use of time this year. We’ve gotten off to a very good start, things are looking up! We are all very excited for when the official competition rolls around this April!

For information on what FIRST Steamworks entails, click here.

Pictures and other media will be up soon on this site!

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Bottle Drive!

On March 13, 2016, the Techno Titans went out and fundraised, using one of the most efficient forms of funderaising that came to mind; a bottle drive. There were quite a few challenges along the way, but it was nothing that the Titans couldn’t overcome. They may have had a rough start due to other groups having a similar idea, but the team persevered, working towards their advantage. They went to various places across Moose Jaw with little success, but finally found an area on South Hill that hadn’t been touched by other local groups. The Titans proceeded to fundraise for another two hours, and dropped off their finds for the night.The following day, the team took the cans to Sarcan and made an overall total of $402.50! Another challenge overcome!

Although it is cool that we can go out and fundraise, we would like to thank our sponsors for helping us through the year! We are truly blessed to have you on our team. Please check out all of our sponsors on the ‘Sponsors’ page!

20160313_151342 (1)


Help us get our motors moving – Update: Resolved!

Update 2: We inserted axis numbers (1 and 4) on the input array of the Arcade Drive block (in the teleop code) and now our robot motors move!  Thank you to aeastet, ebmonon36, Alan Anderson, and JPL69 for you help over the past day.  And thank you Craig Maynard for helping us over the past few weeks.  You all helped to make this robot come to life!


Update 1: We switched the PWM plugs around so the black and red wires are lined up properly.  We restarted everything, but it still isn’t responding to the joystick control.  Here’s a screen shot of our labview.



Here are some pictures of our robot wiring and some screen captures of our labview vi screens.  Can you tell what we are doing wrong?  If you need more info, let us know and we’ll be glad to provide it.  Thank you!


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