Vanier Grad-2019

Good morning Vanier Grad parents/guardians.

The big days have almost arrived...everyone is getting excited!  I have listed a few details to remind you about the festivities this week.  If you have any questions, please call the main office and we will answer.

Thursday, June 27
1:00pm - Report Card pick-up in Sion Hall.
1:30pm - Commencement Rehearsal in Gym, followed by Church Rehearsal at St. Joseph's, followed by speeches at Heritage Inn.
6:30pm - Grads arrive for Commencement.
7:00pm - Commencement (Cap & Gown) ceremony at Vanier - note that school parking is limited, please be respectful of our neighbours by following all parking signage and ensuring their driveways are clear.

Friday, June 28.
2:00pm - Grads arrive for Mass.
2:30pm - Graduation Mass @ St. Joseph's Church.
5:30pm - Grads arrive for Banquet.
6:00pm - Graduation Banquet @ Heritage Inn.

At some point either on the weekend or next week, you will receive an email with a link to all pictures taken during Commencement.  These pictures will be available for you to download and print.

On behalf of the school, a huge "Thank You" to you, the parents and guardians!  You raised great proud!  I know that the staff is very proud of this class.

Brad Moser
​​​​​​​Vanier Collegiate