Virtual Grad and Yearbook Information

1. Please fill out the yearbook survey. This is due Friday, June 11th

2. Baby pictures will be submitted for a portion of the virtual gradation. Please
select 3-5 pictures. This is due Friday, June 11th.
You can submit these through email:

3. If you have purchased a sign for your lawn, we would like to highlight our
grads with their signs on social media!
Please send pictures to, or you can send this directly on
Instagram to @vaniersrc

4. Please submit a short 10-20 second video clip saying farewell or congratulating
your fellow classmates, to be utilized in the virtual graduation. Remember to
be appropriate! This is due Friday, June 18th.

5. Yearbooks can be purchased for $40 online or in the office. Do not miss out
on your graduating yearbook! A large portion will be dedicated to our
graduates. This is due by the end of June!
If you have any questions or concerns please go speak to Ms. Douglas in room 208. You
can also send a question through direct message to @VanierSRC.
By submitting any pictures/videos you are giving permission to utilize these on social
media and in our virtual graduation program, which will be posted online.